Sinisa here 👋. I am one of the founders at Hunch. Just wanted to say that we are grateful you decided to give Hunch a spin. You've taken the first step. Now it's up to Hunch to make it worth your time. Alright. A lot is going to happen here..

So here's the deal...

if you have not already done so. Connect Hunch to Slack. 

Now that you have Hunch connected, what can you use Hunch for?

Think of Hunch like your personal marketing data analyst. So, what does that mean?

Well, what would you normally ask your data guy?

Maybe you'd ask him:

"How many visitors are coming in from Facebook this week"?.

 Or, you might send him an email asking for a monthly report:

"Which blog posts are converting the most visitors into signups?"

Either way.

Hunch serves this purpose.

Alright. So here's everything you'll get with Hunch.

  1. Answers to your funnel questions every day - without knowing complicated Google Analytics software.
  2. Automated Reports on things you need to keep an eye on daily/weekly/monthly - ask once, track forever.
  3. Scheduled reporting for each Slack channel. Ad performance stays in the ads channel. You content team will see blog performance (traffic/conversion) in the content channel (without being spammed by the ads team).
  4. You'll be up-to-date on all important changes happening across all of your marketing efforts. Hunch looks at the data and send you Smart Alerts.

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